Japanese stilt grass

Japanese stilt grass

Residents and visitors near the Lake Geneva area should be on high alert for this species. A sprawling annual grass, it's stature resembles miniature bamboo, growing 12-24 inches tall. The lance-shaped leaves are smooth on the surface and mid-veins are covered in fine hairs creating a distinct silvery stripe. This plant produces a prolific amount of seeds, which can easily result in long-distance dispersal by unknowing humans and animals. This species threatens a wide range of habitat types from floodplains to forests and is tolerant of a wide range of conditions, from deep shade to sunny fields. Can you imagine an invasive that out competes garlic mustard? Here it comes!

Check out the link below for further information on Japanese stilt grass:

For more information on this new threat or to learn about others, see Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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